[PATCH V1 net-next 0/5] net: fec: add support for i.MX8MQ and i.MX8QM

From: Joakim Zhang
Date: Fri Jul 09 2021 - 04:17:48 EST

This patch set adds supports for i.MX8MQ and i.MX8QM, both of them extend new features.

Fugang Duan (5):
dt-bindings: fec: add the missing clocks properties
dt-bindings: fec: add RGMII delayed clock property
net: fec: add imx8mq and imx8qm new versions support
net: fec: add eee mode tx lpi support
net: fec: add MAC internal delayed clock feature support

.../devicetree/bindings/net/fsl-fec.txt | 15 ++
drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fec.h | 25 +++
drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fec_main.c | 145 ++++++++++++++++++
3 files changed, 185 insertions(+)