Re: Fair IT

From: Ywe Cærlyn
Date: Fri Jul 09 2021 - 18:40:16 EST

To be quite honest, some people wondered if it had gone offpath, what we wanted in the 90s. It hasn´t. J x is what we wanted. I can do my research, and people get their streaming. JPU is a theoretical joint processing unit, where intergration means less latency and buswork. For smaller size computers, with less fans, that if necessary can have a purplehiss noise profile. Giving an optimal sales point fair IT computer, with €.

Ywe C.

Den 09.07.2021 23:38, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
Having been through quite some data now, 100 videos, and a 2.5 hr DJ set, ( it seems what happened at the end of the 90s is mainstream usage, and cracked software (KvR).

Seems that is the situation that still needs to work. € seems good for a netcurrency, and trying to set things up, so this works fairly in reasonable contexts.

That seems to be perfecting the J X (avsource nix, with a translated quranic background for Fair IT).

Ywe Cærlyn