Re: [rfc/patch] mm/slub: restore/expand unfreeze_partials() local exclusion scope

From: Vlastimil Babka
Date: Sun Jul 25 2021 - 15:13:27 EST

On 7/25/21 6:27 PM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
>>> Hope fixing that helps then?
>> Yeah, though RT should perhaps be pinned across release/re-acquire?
> Probably not necessary, this_cpu_cmpxchg() will effectively recognize
> being moved to a different CPU.
> Might also move __unfreeze_partials() out of the whole loop to avoid the
> relock. Yeah that should be better.
>> Actually, local locks should rediscover the recursion handling skills
>> they long had so such RT specific hole poking isn't necessary. There
>> previously would have been no ifdef+typo there for eyeballs to miss and
>> miss and miss.
> Hm, now I'm realizing that local_lock() on !RT is just
> preempt_disable(), i.e. equivalent to get_cpu_ptr(), so some of the
> ifdeffery could go away?

How much will this explode? Thanks.