Re: [PATCH v2 00/10] i2c: xiic: Add features, bug fixes.

From: Marek Vasut
Date: Wed Jul 28 2021 - 14:47:36 EST

On 7/28/21 12:11 PM, Raviteja Narayanam wrote:

I have tested this again on our boards with eeprom and other
sensors, this
is working fine for us.

Can you share details of how those tests were performed ?

Stress test - 1:
Heavy ethernet traffic running in the background.
I2c commands script (like below) running. We can see visible stutter
in the
output as expected, but nothing failed.

while [ 1 ]
i2ctransfer -y -f 2 w1@0X54 0X00 r31@0X54
i2ctransfer -y -f 2 w1@0X54 0X00 r32@0X54
i2ctransfer -y -f 2 w1@0X54 0X00 r255@0X54
i2ctransfer -y -f 2 w1@0X54 0X00 r273@0X54
i2ctransfer -y -f 2 w1@0X54 0X00

Could it be that you never see the problem because you always talk to
one single device ?

There are transfers to other devices as well.

The above test only accesses device at address 0x54, right ?

Above code is just one part.
We are doing read/writes to all devices present on this board

Can you share details of how those tests were performed ?

Our board has multiple power monitors, eeprom and other misc devices
that are accessed through the same driver and are working fine.

That does not seem to be what the test above does .

Do you also test writes which are not 1 byte long ?

Yes, like for eeprom 1 page (16 bytes) is written.

I suspect the atmel mxt does much longer writes, try 255 bytes or so.

Ok, I will do longer writes (in the range of 255) on supported slave devices.

Thank you