Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] staging: r8188eu: add newer/better RTL8188eu driver

From: Martin Kaiser
Date: Sun Aug 01 2021 - 13:59:20 EST

Hello Greg and Larry,

thanks for your responses.

Thus wrote Larry Finger (Larry.Finger@xxxxxxxxxxxx):

> I do see this driver being cleaned up to the point that it transitions to mainline.

> It is not clear to me that it would fit into the rtlwifi framework. It
> probably could use the USB driver there, but unlikely to use a lot more of
> that code.

Ok, that clarifies that path forward. I wasn't sure if a standalone
(non-rtlwifi) driver is acceptable at all.

> I will certainly be on the lookout for conflicts with the rtlwifi and
> rtl8xxxu, indeed the whole drivers/net/wireless/realtek/, code as the
> cleanup proceeds.

At the moment, the driver (like the old one) can be compiled only as a
module. I guess that's because of name conflicts between realtek drivers
that originated from the same codebase. It seems that we'll have to
rename some functions along the way.