Re: [PATCH] mailmap: update email address of Matthias Fuchs

From: Marc Kleine-Budde
Date: Mon Aug 09 2021 - 03:24:22 EST

On 06.08.2021 15:07:43, Stefan Mätje wrote:
> I was not aware of the .mailmap file and its workings.

The mailmap file works on the git log, and thus tools using it: e.g.

> My question is should then also <thomas.koerper@xxxxxx> be put in this
> file

Probably yes, as there are two patches by him in the Linux kernel:

| Thomas Körper (2):
| can: dev: avoid calling kfree_skb() from interrupt context
| can: esd_usb2: Fix sparse warnings

I'll update this patch.

> because he is the co-author of the patch you're reviewing atm.

For co-authorship, use the Co-developed-by tag, that was recently added:

Speaking of that patch. Can you please create an entry in the
MAINTAINERS file, too? I suggest to add yourself as M: and the
socketcan@e.u as R:. The change in the MAINTAINERS file will be a second
patch in that series. Just include it the next iteration of that series.

> and his email address shows up in MODULE_AUTHOR() macro. He also left
> our company already.

In newly added changes, it makes sense that all email addresses are
working. :D


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