Can a valid vnet header have both csum_start and csum_offset 0?

From: Shreyansh Chouhan
Date: Tue Aug 10 2021 - 15:06:49 EST


When parsing the vnet header in __packet_snd_vnet_parse[1], we do not
check for if the values of csum_start and csum_offset given in the
header are both 0.

Having both these values 0, however, causes a crash[2] further down the
gre xmit code path. In the function ipgre_xmit, we pull the ip header
and gre header from skb->data, this results in an invalid
skb->csum_start which was calculated from the vnet header. The
skb->csum_start offset in this case turns out to be lower than
skb->transport_header. This causes us to pass a negative number as an
argument to csum_partial[3] and eventually to do_csum[4], which then causes
a kernel oops in the while loop.

I do not understand what should the correct behavior be in this
scenario, should we consider this vnet header as invalid? (Which I think
is the most likely solution, however I do not have experience with
networking.) Or should we rather accomodate for both csum_start
and csum_offset values to be 0 in ipgre_xmit?

Shreyansh Chouhan