Re: [PATCH v5 2/7] can: bittiming: allow TDC{V,O} to be zero and add can_tdc_const::tdc{v,o,f}_min

From: Marc Kleine-Budde
Date: Mon Aug 16 2021 - 04:42:46 EST

On 15.08.2021 12:32:43, Vincent Mailhol wrote:
> ISO 11898-1 specifies in section 11.3.3 "Transmitter delay
> compensation" that "the configuration range for [the] SSP position
> shall be at least 0 to 63 minimum time quanta."
> Because SSP = TDCV + TDCO, it means that we should allow both TDCV and
> TDCO to hold zero value in order to honor SSP's minimum possible
> value.
> However, current implementation assigned special meaning to TDCV and
> TDCO's zero values:
> * TDCV = 0 -> TDCV is automatically measured by the transceiver.
> * TDCO = 0 -> TDC is off.
> In order to allow for those values to really be zero and to maintain
> current features, we introduce two new flags:
> * CAN_CTRLMODE_TDC_AUTO indicates that the controller support
> automatic measurement of TDCV.
> * CAN_CTRLMODE_TDC_MANUAL indicates that the controller support
> manual configuration of TDCV. N.B.: current implementation failed
> to provide an option for the driver to indicate that only manual
> mode was supported.
> TDC is disabled if both CAN_CTRLMODE_TDC_AUTO and
> CAN_CTRLMODE_TDC_MANUAL flags are off, c.f. the helper function
> can_tdc_is_enabled() which is also introduced in this patch.

Nitpick: We can only say that TDC is disabled, if the driver supports
the TDC interface at all, which is the case if tdc_const is set.

> Also, this patch adds three fields: tdcv_min, tdco_min and tdcf_min to
> struct can_tdc_const. While we are not convinced that those three
> fields could be anything else than zero, we can imagine that some
> controllers might specify a lower bound on these. Thus, those minimums
> are really added "just in case".

I'm not sure, if we talked about the mcp251xfd's tcdo, valid values are


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