Re: [PATCH v3 0/3] net: mdio: Add IPQ MDIO reset related function

From: patchwork-bot+netdevbpf
Date: Mon Aug 16 2021 - 06:00:12 EST


This series was applied to netdev/net-next.git (refs/heads/master):

On Thu, 12 Aug 2021 18:06:39 +0800 you wrote:
> This patch series add the MDIO reset features, which includes
> configuring MDIO clock source frequency and indicating CMN_PLL that
> ethernet LDO has been ready, this ethernet LDO is dedicated in the
> IPQ5018 platform.
> Specify more chipset IPQ40xx, IPQ807x, IPQ60xx and IPQ50xx supported by
> this MDIO driver.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
- [v3,1/3] net: mdio: Add the reset function for IPQ MDIO driver
- [v3,2/3] MDIO: Kconfig: Specify more IPQ chipset supported
- [v3,3/3] dt-bindings: net: Add the properties for ipq4019 MDIO

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