Re: [PATCH v2] fscrypt: support trusted keys

From: Mimi Zohar
Date: Tue Aug 17 2021 - 10:25:06 EST

On Tue, 2021-08-17 at 16:13 +0200, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> On 17.08.21 15:55, Mimi Zohar wrote:
> > I have no opinion as to whether this is/isn't a valid usecase.
> So you'd be fine with merging trusted key support as is and leave encrypted
> key support to someone who has a valid use case and wants to argue
> in its favor?

That decision as to whether it makes sense to support trusted keys
directly, based on the new trust sources, is a decision left up to the
maintainer(s) of the new usecase and the new trust sources maintainer