Re: [PATCH 2/2] staging: r8188eu: Make some clean-ups in usbctrl_vendorreq()

From: Pavel Skripkin
Date: Tue Aug 24 2021 - 12:04:39 EST

On 8/24/21 6:59 PM, Fabio M. De Francesco wrote:
On Tuesday, August 24, 2021 5:43:26 PM CEST Pavel Skripkin wrote:
On 8/24/21 6:39 PM, Fabio M. De Francesco wrote:
> Oh, I know where it comes from... :)
> > It's a patch of mine that is in the queue, waiting to be reviewed and applied.
> Please see:
> oh.... there are _a lot_ of pending changes :)

I guess, we need smth like public-mirror with already reviewed and working changes

It's becoming a serious problem. A lot of times I see people who is asked to
rebase and resend, not because they forget to fetch the current tree, instead
because the tree changes as soon as Greg start to apply the first patches in the
queue and the other patches at the end of the queue cannot be applied.

Anyway,I understand that Greg cannot apply a patch at a time soon after
submission but in the while the queue grows larger and larger.

It can be easily fixed. We need public fork somewhere (github, ...) and we should ask Greg to add remote-branch to his tree.

Then one of the maintainers/reviewers should accept patches to this fork + send pull requests every week (I guess).

I can help with picking up and testing after I receive my device and set up qemu environment for testing :)

With regards,
Pavel Skripkin