Re: [PATCH for-5.15 v3] ASoC: Intel: boards: Fix CONFIG_SND_SOC_SDW_MOCKUP select

From: Mark Brown
Date: Fri Sep 03 2021 - 12:27:19 EST

On Fri, Sep 03, 2021 at 08:14:30AM -0700, Nathan Chancellor wrote:

> For the record, the documentation for sending patches has the "Explicit
> In-Reply-To headers" section, which frowns on doing this for multi-patch
> series but never mentions this for single patches. I have never had a
> maintainer complain about me doing this in the over three years that I

I don't *mind*, there's just a chance I won't notice a patch that
appears in the middle of a thread which submitters tend to mind - the
issue is that I'm blissfully unaware. It was more that you were doing
the exact same thing again in response to it being explicitly identified
as an issue.

> changelog section. Maybe the documentation could be updated to frown
> upon adding In-Reply-To headers to new versions of patches period? I can
> draft up a patch to clarify that.

Not everyone has a process which causes issues here (and even for me I'd
only notice if the old thread was still in my inbox), but I certainly
wouldn't be against it. Note that if you're trying to make everything
super rules based you also need to cover the case of people trying to
incrementally fix a series by sending new versions of patches in the
middle of it which is an even worse mess.

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