Re: [PATCH v2 3/4] KVM: SVM: move sev_bind_asid to psp

From: Mingwei Zhang
Date: Thu Sep 09 2021 - 21:22:39 EST

> I believe once we are done with it, will have 5 functions that will need
> >=8 arguments. I don't know if its acceptable.
> > In addition, having to construct each sev_data_* structure in KVM code
> > is also a pain and consumes a lot of irrelevant lines as well.
> >
> Maybe I am missing something, aren't those lines will be moved from KVM
> to PSP driver?
> I am in full support for restructuring, but lets look at full set of PSP
> APIs before making the final decision.
> thanks

Oh, sorry for the confusion. I think the current feedback I got is
that my restructuring patchset was blocked due to the fact that it is
a partial one. So, if this patchset got checked in, then the psp-sev.h
will have two types of APIs: ones that use sev_data_* structure and
ones that do not. So one of the worries is that this would make the
situation even worse.

So that's why I am thinking that maybe it is fine to just avoid using
sev_data_* for all PSP functions exposed to KVM? I use the number of
arguments as the justification. But that might not be a good one.

In anycase, I will not rush into any code change before we reach a consensus.