Re: Reminder: Voting procedures for the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board

From: Laura Abbott
Date: Wed Sep 15 2021 - 10:36:51 EST

On 9/15/21 10:07, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
Hi Laura,

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 09:58:32AM -0400, Laura Abbott wrote:
On 9/9/21 12:49, Laura Abbott wrote:

Reminder that the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB) annual
election will be held virtually during the 2021 Kernel Summit and Linux
Plumbers Conference. Voting will run from September 20th to September
23rd 16:00 GMT-4 (US/Eastern). The voting criteria for the 2021 election

There exist three kernel commits in a mainline or stable released
kernel that both
- Have a commit date in the year 2020 or 2021
- Contain an e-mail address in one of the following tags or merged
tags (e.g. Reviewed-and-tested-by)
-- Signed-off-by
-- Tested-by
-- Reported-by
-- Reviewed-by
-- Acked-by

If you have more than 50 commits that meet this requirement you will
receive a ballot automatically.

If you have between 3 and 49 commits that meet this requirement please
e-mail tab-elections@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to request your ballot.
We strongly encourage everyone who meets this criteria to request a

We will be using Condorcet Internet Voting
Service (CIVS) . This is a voting service
focused on security and privacy. There are sample polls on the
website if you would like to see what a ballot will look like.

If you have any questions please e-mail


P.S. Please also consider this another reminder to consider running for
the TAB as well

Final reminder: please remember to request your ballot for the TAB
elections. If you know others who are eligible please encourage
them to request a ballot as well.

When are the ballots supposed to be sent ? It would be nice to avoid
requiring everybody to check whether they're below or above the 50
commits threshold manually :-)

The ballots will be sent sometime after Monday September 20th
9:00am GMT-4 (US/Eastern).

I did make an attempt to send e-mails to the > 50 commits individuals
but there is a chance my e-mail got eaten by spam filters or just
didn't get sent out. I discovered Google Apps' e-mail limits and
that you should not attempt to bcc too many people. This is something
I'd like to handle in a more automated fashion next year to make
it easier for both voters and those running the elections.