1.3.3 Compiled but having temrinal probs :(

Bryan Schwab (schwabb@sunrise.cse.fau.edu)
Mon, 26 Jun 95 17:08:57 EDT

I have compiled 1.3.3 using kernel 1.2.9 and gcc 2.6.3 but when i
rebooted using the 1.3.3 kernel it didnt recongnize my terminal and all
my directories/files were a different color!! I couldnt run vi because
of this terminal problem...what could have caused this? I can run
everything perfectly with 1.2.9 but when i recompiled 1.3.3 and rebooted
it says terminal unknown...any clues to what caused this? My video board
is a wdc33 and it works just fine in X.


* Bryan Schwab *
* schwabb@sunrise.cse.fau.edu *
* Florida Atlantic University *