Elf patch for v1.3.4 (unofficial)

David C. Niemi (niemidc@clark.net)
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 23:15:29 -0400 (EDT)

I found the patches for elf to be rather tedious to combine with v1.3.4,
and the elf patch for v1.3.3 to be a bit messy. I made a cleaner patch,
and since it was not trivial to produce, I figured I might as well spare
some of you the same effort.

It should be noted that this patch is unofficial and not reviewed by any
of the Elf experts. I have successfully compiled with this patch, but
can't vouch for it running even on my own system, let alone yours.

The patch is on clark.net in /pub/niemidc/patches/elf-1.3.4.diff.gz

I have also found one typo in 1.3.4: on line 1520 of drivers/net/ppp.c,
"get_int" looks like it should be "get_user". This of course has nothing
to do with Elf, so I didn't put it into my patch.

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