FTP mirrors [was: Grrr: linux-1.3.0.tar.gz at]

Jeff Uphoff (
27 Jun 1995 08:23:30 GMT

"TT" == Theodore Ts'o <tytso@MIT.EDU> writes:

TT> mirrors the kernel source directories every 24 hours,
TT> from 1.3.0.tar.gz has been on since
TT> 15:59pm EST on June 12. So if you had checked with tsx-11, it would
TT> have been there. also mirrors the full kernel source tree (from tsx-11)
every 24 hours. Also mirrors (every 24 hours): (PGPERL -- only US site) (PGPsendmail -- 1 of 2 US sites) (Includes source tree) (May switch source site for
this soon)
(Gert Döring's mgetty+sendfax development tree --
not sure if there are other US sites for this) (Full GNU archive) (LDP archive) (Marc Zyngier's
multi-device driver development tree -- only US site) (Included private/dontuse until it was
moved on May 26? Must check where it went; I've been away from work) (FS util's)

Also carries Olaf Kirch's latest NFS-server releases (now that he's
taken up maintenance of nfsd--it's his US release point), and the
linux-security/alert mailing list master archives (since the lists are
run from a Majordomo on this host).

There's some other miscellaneous stuff (e.g. the SCO Wordperfect demo,
which was quite popular a few months ago--split into 1MB chunks;
astronomy-related files/packages--with more to come now that AIPS is
GPL'd!; etc.), as well as more mirrors planned when I find the need and
time. (I do solicit suggestions, as I've still got about 1/4 gig left
on my MD-driven mirror disks...)

One warning about this system--I tinker a lot (Pentium-90 w/32MB RAM and
6 hard drives, running Linux 1.3.3 w/MD-driver patches right now and a
hybrid a.out/ELF setup), so relatively sudden reboots are not unheard of
from time to time (though not all that frequently nowadays--they come in
streaks as I find something new to diddle with).

The site is in Charlottesville, Virginia (that's in the US Mid-Atlantic
region, for those not in the US), and has a fiber link to the University
of Virginia and dual T1 lines to the Internet from there; connectivity
is quite good, and it seems to have become a fairly popular regional
site. Since it's my work machine as well, I don't publicize it too
much; outgoing FTP traffic averages from a few to a few dozen gigabytes
per month, roughly... I do my mirror runs (using the 'mm' mirror
manager) at 1, 3, 5, and 7AM Eastern US time, to give troublesome sites
multiple tries (on failure) each day.


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