Re: Linux-1.3.3. Elf works?

Jeff Uphoff (
27 Jun 1995 09:07:48 GMT

"BAL" == Brian A Lantz <> writes:

>> Oh, well.. I guess ELF people still had better not upgrade to 1.3.x:
>> I'm sure we'll get fixed binaries, but in the meantime it looks like
>> mainly a.out people can do any 1.3.x testing.

BAL> Well, thanks to the posting from Ben Konosky <>, I
BAL> discovered that the REAL culprit was!!!

BAL> If you are using ELF, wish to use 1.2.10 or 1.3.x, and *haven't* upgraded
BAL> the to 1.7.3, DO IT!

Huh? I'm running 1.3.3 and hybrid a.out/ELF (with an all-ELF XFree
3.1.1), using and libc-4.6.29 (both a.out and ELF). Yea,
it's a bit odd-looking and getting old (been too busy lately to upgrade
lib's), but it works *perfectly* under 1.3.3...I even got this blasted
new SMC EtherPower (PCI) card to run on 10Base2 today, thanks to Don
Becker's web page (though I'm using the older version of his tulip.c
driver, 0.05, as there's a bug somewhere--I think I know where it
is--with switching to 10Base2 in the 0.07 version).


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