1.3.4 hangs on login ...

Craig Schlenter (cschle@paradigm.co.za)
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 11:46:29 +0200 (SAT)


I just installed 1.3.4 on my 486 @ work and while it boots quite happily,
when I login, it 'hangs' after printing the POSIX message - it never gets
to the bash prompt. The funny thing is that it works perfectly on my
machine @ home. Only difference is that my machine at work is based on
Slackware and runs on top of UMSDOS while my machine it home is
ex2fs and Slackware 2.3 based. Anyone else had this problem? No useful
messages in /var/adm and the machine is still pingable, I can ftp to it
etc. Wierd.

Of course being on kernel-digest, I have not yet seen the 1.3.4
announcement so perhaps I have missed something ...