Re: Linus... (or anyone) and timeloss in joystick driver.

Matthias Urlichs (
27 Jun 1995 13:56:09 +0200

In, article <3snev9$>, (Harald Koenig) writes:
> > I don't think the loss of 3.4 ms is THAT important to the joystick driver.
> one character at 38400 baud is 0.26 ms, so in 3.4ms one serial line
> could receive ~13 characters! even with a 16550A uart with 16 byte FIFO
> this might result in lost characters!
Note that the example was a delay of a "normal" program by the console
interrupt. Since presumably the console interrupt is "slow" and the RS232
interrupt is "fast", there'd be no data loss.

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