Re: 1.3.3 Compiled but having temrinal probs :(

Stephen R. van den Berg (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 15:22:40 +0200

Michael Weller <> wrote:
>Congrats! Just because people creating linux distributions insisted on
>having linux as default TERM value and proofed to be unable to include
>proper TERM settings with their from scratch created distributions (why
>didn't they just include a proper init, getty or inittab?) (People

>Just because of these lazy people a bunch of existing linux installations
>all over the world is now screwed and their maintainers don't have a single
>clue why..

People installing the 1.3.x kernels *know* that they are ALPHA kernels.
And everyone who installs alpha software knows that he has to check the
source and the README/ChangeLog files frequently.

People who don't have a clue shouldn't be running alpha software in the
first place.

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