Re: Terminal problem

Kevin Lentin (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 10:18:45 +1000 (EST)

Eric Bosch Wrote ...
> What happened to my terminal? Prior to V1.3 everything worked fine, but
> when I compiled V1.3.3 with the AHA7xxx patch, I have lost my terminal
> capability. I get the error message from 'setterm: could not find termcap
> entry for linux'. This message is generated by setterm -black 15 command
> in /etc/rc.d/rc.M. Did I miss something in make config for the kernel,
> or has is there a required upgrate to setterm? I looked in
>, and didn't find anything. Under X-windows, the term
> function seems to work properly, ie, I can run VI without a problem, but
> not from the text console.

The answer to this is in the other million and a half queries in this

I think 2 things need to be done/noted:
1) Linus: I think there should be a README of sorts in the kernel source
root dir that explains MAJOR changes that can affect your system. These
would include the modules packages, genksyms, this console change and other
things that you _need_ to change in order to make new kernels work.

2) People who want to run bleeding edge kernels need to read this list and
either remember or keep notes of things that are going to be important.

3) People who run Un*x systems and play with latest release beta kernels
are presumably the kind of people who know something about unix. ie they
have some kind of sysadmin knowledge. A message like 'could not find
termcap entry for linux' is 100% self explanatory for anybody who knows
unix and is easily fixable with no advice or knowledge of the particular
situation by using experience and common sense. I'm pretty sure if I showed
that message to a sysadmin here who had never seen Linux in his life, he'd
be able to fix that problem in no time.

This is not a flame on Eric, I just chose his article to follow up on but I
believe the README in point 1 is important and I do think that some people
who are living on this bleeding edge of kernel development need to keep a
beginners guide to cuts and scrapes with them :-)

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