Re: Bootproblems...

Eduardo Kaftanski (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 23:30:02 -0400 (CST)

> On Tue, 20 Jun 1995, Arno Brevoort wrote:
> > My computer does not reboot, i.e. Linux shuts down as it should but when all
> > is done it doesn't reset the computer but just hangs.
> I've been having the same problem on some of the machines I've been using.

I have a server with a new green motherboard that won't reboot with the
keybiard attached to it, but reboots just fine without it (this using
/sbin/reboot, red button always works ;-)

Maybe you whould try that with servers that need to be rebooted remotely and
see if it works.

By the way the keyboard is an original PC AT keyboard I took from a real
IBM AT and works just fine with my other machines.

Eduardo Kaftanski