Re: Linux... (or anyone) and timeloss in joystick driver.

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Wed, 28 Jun 1995 11:14:05 CDT

On Jun 28, 8:44am, Linus Torvalds wrote:

} Subject: Re: Linux... (or anyone) and timeloss in joystick driver.

> G.W. Wettstein: "Re: Linux... (or anyone) and timeloss in joystick driver." (Jun 27, 12:37):
> >
> > There is a command line option (-c) in klogd which defines the
> > priority level of kernel messages which are to be directed to the
> > console. I believe that by default anything of lower priority
> > (higher number) than 1 (KERN_ALERT) gets forwarded by klogd into the
> > syslogd facility.
> This is one of my major gripes with klogd, actually. This "feature"
> means that people who don't know about the kernel logs will never even
> notice kernel messages, so they'll never know about strangenesses
> occurring. It's good that they go to a log-file, but they should _also_
> go to the screen. I'd much rather see the default be "-c 7", which will
> print out all the informational messages (the "default" kernel message
> level), and only the debugging messages would never show up, only get
> logged.

We can certainly change this. The flavor of klogd comes from the fact
that it was written for a production environment. We use the message
forwarding capability of syslogd to concentrate all messages on one
machine. Our users wouldn't have a clue what any routine kernel
messages were about.

I do understand how this could be a problem in a single-user or new
user type environment. To that end I will change the default value on
our production sources of klogd.

> (If there are messages that people don't like seeing, like the "VFS:
> disk change detected", we can change those particular messages to
> debugging messages, and everybody will be happy).

Before I release the new version of sysklogd we should perhaps come to
a consensus on this issue. If we put a new binary with different
behavior we will probably get flooded with inquires as to why there
are messages like "VFS: disk change..." suddenly being produced.

So my question to the group is how to change this behavior in a
coherent fashion. Perhaps we need to make changes to the kernel
source now, prior to the release of the new sources.

> > By default printk issues all its output with a priority value of
> > KERN_DEBUG (7).
> I think the default is actually 6, despite the DEFAULT_MESSAGE_LOGLEVEL
> being defined as 7 at the top of that file. Illogically, the place that
> uses the DEFAULT_MESSAGE_LOGLEVEL will do a "-1+'0'" to it.. Strange.

I got fooled because I only looked at a head -25 listing of the
relevant source file as I was preparing the mail message. My mistake.

> Linus
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