Userfs in current kernels

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 18:04:38 +1000 (EST)

Hi all.

As anyone who's tried lately knows, userfs has been broken for some
time, and I (as the author) have failed to keep it up to date.
Since I know about all the problems, people's bug reports relating
to them have often slipped off the top on my inbox before I get
around to replying (sorry).

Finally people got annoyed enough at my inaction to actually do
something about it, and I've had two people independantly send me
patches to make it work in current kernels (up to 1.2.9 at least).
I'll integrate these into my current source tree and see if I can
get everything compiled in my bleeding edge ELF system and make
another distribution. That will take some time (I'm really very
busy), but it will be a bounded time.

Also, as a longer term project, I intend doing a new version which
will fix a number of problems revealed by the prototype (which this
version is, hence the version number < 1). This will break
everything, of course.

Have patience,