Ok, next question (was: problems with malloc)

Ricky Beam (root@mario11.ppp.ncsu.edu)
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 22:58:56 -0400 (EDT)

Ok, lets blame Motif. So, I go to recompile using shared libraries, only
problem now is all the really old libraries this app is trying to use. I
keep getting "app requires lib???.so.3" but doesn't tell me WHICH library
requires what. All the libraries it wants IS there... just maybe different
versions, but if I don't have any way of finding out what ELSE needs to
be brought out of the stone ages (this was originally a Slackware 2.0 system)
then it's gonna take me forever to fix.

Motif is not a problem, if I can locate the problem then I can fix it <grin>
I guess I should compile it (-Wall) and watch closely for any errors/warnings.
Heck, compile it "-g -O6 -Wall" and feed it to gdb.

Ok, for the question <grin> Is there any utility(s) out there to list the
dependency list for a shared library? And for a simpler question, what's
the options for making gcc dynamically link certain libraries and statically
link others. I've seen the docs on this before about gcc 2.6.3 supposing to
be able to do this, but I read a lot of things :-)


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