VFS mount problem...

Mathew G. Monroe (mmex@shadowland.pc.cc.cmu.edu)
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 00:29:33 -0400 (EDT)

I just compiled the 1.3.5 kernel in ELF, set COMPILE_KERNEL_ELF=y by hand
in .config. The problem I am having is one I have had before. Every time
I use the new ide, the only one 1.3.5 supports, I can't boot my computer.
Everytime I to boot the kernel boots up and detects everything, then
gives me an error VFS: unable to mount device 03:01. I have a generic,
unknown brand, VLB IDE interface. Two drives hda=WDC 2420H and
hdb=WDC 140. Both only have one partition, hda=boot hdb=swap. Anyone
know what causes this? Any work arounds? It appears to have been a problem
for quite some time, I was hoping it would be fixed by now.