Re: extended partitions
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:35:34 +0100

: Out of curiosity, what's the scenario where you'd want to install LILO
: on the boot sector of the (raw) extended partition? Usually it's
: installed on the MBR, or in the boot sector of the linux partition. I
: recognize that you _can_ install it in the (raw) extended partition, but
: why is that better than storing it in the boot sector of the Linux
: partition?

People that want to be able to boot many systems, and can boot
only from a primary partition, and use one primary partition
for the OS/2 Boot Manager, have only 3 partitions left.
If some of these partitions start past the 1024 cylinder mark,
they might have no choice.

Typical scenario: MBR starts OS/2 BM. Then OS/2 BM starts the
desired system, either directly (e.g., DOS or OS/2) or using
another boot loader (e.g., LILO for Linux).

: If we really want to do allow it, we could just set the size of the raw
: extended partition to be 2 sectors (1 block), and mke2fs won't be able
: to make a partition on a partition that small.

No, because only 1 sector is guaranteed to be free. Writing a
block to /dev/hda4 might destroy the first sector of /dev/hda5.