Linus Torvalds (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 15:19:59 +0200

I made a new release (aka the "OJ release") of Linux, 1.3.31 available
on the normal ftp-sites. This release adds:

- early SMP support. This is very much "test at your own risk" stuff,
and I haven't really verified that it compiles. You'd better contact
Alan about this if you're interested. Alan Cox.
- various minor alpha patches. David M-T.
- readv/writev emulation (only works for things where you can't
distinguish multiple read/write calls, notably TCP - it' sgood enough
for X11 on the alpha). Me.
- Some networking fixes (the TCP socket cache bug should be gone for
good). Alan Cox.
- Pentium systems will use the internal cycle counter for faster (and
more accurate, I hope) gettimeofday(). Me.
- various network driver updates, should also make quite a few of them
work better on the alpha too.. Paul Gortmaker.
- plip update. Niibe Yutaka.
- eata scsi driver update. Michael Neuffer.
- SCSI tape update (Kai Makisara)
- use ELF core-dumps for elf binaries

Also, if you have SCSI tapes enabled it turns out that 1.3.31 won't
compile on the x86 architecture. Just add this one line to
include/asm-i386/ioctl.h and you should be ok (or just upgrade to an
alpha ;-)

#define _IOC_TYPE(nr) (((nr) >> _IOC_TYPESHIFT) & _IOC_TYPEMASK)

Hope that fixes it..