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>On Sun, 1 Oct 1995, Craig Metz wrote:
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>> You can use a swap file. The capability has been around for a long
>> time. If you don't want to use a swap partition, then use a swap file. If
>> you don't want to do either, write something yourself that you think is
>> better.
>> Like so many other things in Linux, you have the ability to choose
>> which solution is best for you.
> How about getting a smaller disk to use as a swap _DRIVE_
> In some OS's, the directions for setting up a swap area say to
> use the most used area of the least used disk for your swap space.
> Therefore, a seperate drive (cheapo 50-60 megger) would serve as
> an optimal swap drive, for an investment of say $45
> for $100, you get a 150 meg drive and use it for /tmp and swap,
> but that is not as optimal, espically when /tmp gets used a lot.
> (Compiling the kernel comes to mind, as does netscape etc.)

Ahh...but if we could mount /tmp as a ramdrive and use 150 megs as
swap we would get better performance when it comes to /tmp and we have
plenty of swap space. We do that type of thing on our SPARC servers in
our department (in addition to having 96 megs of real memory on them)

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