another crash, debug info!

Marcus Nilsson (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 17:12:42 +0100 (MET)

I mamanged to get some debug info when our system freezed dead. You can=20
switch consoles but not more. The EIP suggests that the kernel(1.2.11)=20
jumps between these routines:


I guess that the last one is the most interesting, the first two is=20
probably due to the debug dump on the console. I made this dump many=20
times(>100), and these routines were the only ones visited.

I have noted(on paper, puh!) the mem-info-dump if someone is interested.=20
We offer dynamic SLIP via ptys. People log on our term.server and gets to=
our linux-box via rlogin, and activates SLIP on our box. (Yes, this means=
that TCP/IP packets gets packed in TCP/IP packets, but our term.server=20
doesn't support SLIP that we can control). So the SLIP-driver is used on=20
the ptys, perhaps this could be of some help.

Feel free to mail me if you have any questions, or whatever.

/Marcus Nilsson, Systemadministrat=F6r - Kuai Scandinavia AB.

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