Re: Bug in 1.3? - floppy buffers getting corrupted

Rohan Talip (
Tue, 17 Oct 1995 19:40:21 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, Bernd Schmidt wrote:

> Yesterday, I encountered a (possible) problem with the 1.3 kernels.
> What I did was this: I had two VCs, on one I used mtools to copy files to/from
> an MS-DOS floppy, on the other VC I did some compiles. Suddenly, after
> compiling a file, the disk was no longer readable, mdir said "Probable
> non-MSDOS disk". Removing the disk from the drive and re-inserting caused the
> disk to be readable again.
> ...
> Am I doing something stupid, or can anyone else reproduce this behaviour?


I managed to get a similar message from mdir just the other day, but at
the time I thought that it may have been a problem with the floppy disk
or the drive itself (since I recently moved my hardware into a tower case).

I managed to copy the files eventually by running fdformat and mformat on
the disk in question, even though mdir had been able to see other files

Perhaps the disk was dodgy after all, since I haven't been able to
reproduce similar behaviour.

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