Re: Which kernel to upgrade to?

cjs (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 08:03:44 -0700 (PDT)

> Hello,
> I have a linux system at home which I got sometime late 1994. The
> kernel version is 1.0.9. I know that a lot of changes have taken
> place in the linux kernel. I decided to upgrade my kernel and get a
> better understanding of it in the process.
> My questions for upgrading are,
> 1. Which kernel version(stable) should I upgrade to?

Either 1.2.13 or 1.3.32. Do *NOT* try to use kernel 1.3.33+ for the
moment as they broke everything while doing an overhaul of the driver

> 2. Do I need to get the ppp code and compile it seperately or is it
> part of the kernel?

You should probably obtain and compile the latest and greatest
pppd. But don't apply any of the kernel patches unless you know
EXACTLY what they do. Lots of those patches are legacies meants for
earlier kerlen versions and they really screw things up if you apply
them to something new.

> 3. At tsx-11 and sunsite, I saw the source directory has
> LINUX-1.3.33-IS-THE-LATEST. This directory has a compressed source
> file and a patch files. Almost all the kernel version have a source
> file and a patch file. Should I get both these files and untar them
> in the same directory before compiling them?

No. You just want the source archive (the big one).