Re: Windows 95 (VFAT) file systems?

root (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 19:28:24 -0400 (EDT)

> Sort of. I can understand the problems when dealing with a scanner
> (or any unknown interface) But if you have the structure data, and
> you can read it, why are the magic incantations to write it so hard?
> Of course, it wouldn't be a first try thing, but you make a small
> hpfs partition and write to it, if you can read it back, you got it
> right. unless the ability to read the drive dosn't requre the full
> structure of the drive. (In which case it is more like data-extraction
> with a nice interface rather then a read-only interface, if you get
> the distinction.)

Actually, the mechanisms for writing data to an HPFS partition IS significantly
different than that of reading it. Part of it comes from the fact that a
'proper' write to an hpfs partition involves knowing how big the file is
going to be when it's first created. However, I don't think it's possible
to specify that information with the standard unix calls. I don't know
specifically what other factors are involved in the process, just that
it does take a different approach than the reading. Ever notice how many
dos programs that read hpfs partitions there are? I think I've only ever
seen 1 that could actually write to those partitions, and it was a pretty
crippled alpha level program with instructions that didn't come in
english. It's not just the linux crowd stuck with only being able to
read these partitions.

Gary Schrock