Re: Minor 1.3.97 Itch..

James R. Leu (
Wed, 1 May 1996 20:58:49 -0500 (CDT)

> Said version is really being good. Now running on 4 different hosts,
> some very busy, some not.
> Only minor irritation: Every so often, we run out of file descriptors.
> Different programs react differently. Login is the nastiest, BTW.
> It was really horrible in 1.3.95, leading to complete coma and no ability
> to shutdown (although whatever was running was running well, but, try to
> pus reset on a machine running innd expire on a full news feed... :-)
> It is better in 1.3.97. Only lasts for few moments. Any clue?
> Sincerely Yours, (Sent on 04/30/96, 20:45:54 by XF-Mail)
At one point I heard someone talking about uping the number of FD's. It this
a real consideration or not? I have a few heavily loaded machines that will
experience this problem ocassionally... kind of frustrating.


James R. Leu
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