Re: Processes not waiting for kerneld

Stephen Davies (
Sat, 4 May 96 11:03:55 +0930

Somebody pointed out that this problem only seems to affect people using
the 1.3.69f code from the Debian distribution.

I had the problem with that code but then got the original stuff from
Bjorn's home page. <>

This fixed it.


>In linux.kernel you write:
>>It appears that mount isn't waiting for kerneld anymore. I don't know if
>>this is a bug in mount or in the kernel. However, it did work with an
>>version of both.
>>What happens is that trying to mount a WIN95 or UMSDOS or simply MSDOS
>>partition doesn't work at the first try. However, kerneld does load the
>>modules and trying for the second time the mount works well, unless of
>>course I wait too long and the module has been removed already.
>>Is this a kernel bug? Or do I have to look into mount itself?
>I don't see this problem, using 1.3.97 and kerneld from the 1.3.69f
>release. This points to differences in the mount program - mine is
>from the util-linux 2.5 distribution, I think - but I cannot see
>how that should be able to make a difference.

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