Re: Java in OS?

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Sun, 5 May 1996 08:14:58 +0100

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Alan Cox <> writes:
> > How would you specify where to find the interpreter? Compiled Java
> > doesn't have comments, so you couldn't use the #!-style approach.
> You can add one to the front, you can also use something like the elk=
> module that spots elks binaries by magic number, rewrites them to
> allegedly have #! and passes them to the shell interpreter.
Or you can add a new loader. Use binfmt_scriptshell.c as the example to

NB: Why does trying to exec a script with an interpreter that is itself=
script cause an error? Specifically, EPERM? I think that should be allo=
(Yes I know, other Unixes frequently don't allow this, but that's no

echo "Did it"

# nothing interesting

% chmod +x /tmp/foo /tmp/bar
% /tmp/bar
bash: ./bar: Permission denied


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