Re: Nx586 - NexGen work fine with Linux???

Ian Stoyle (
Sun, 5 May 1996 20:28:46 +0100

>Does anybody have a Linux installed at NexGen Nx586 machines??
>I'm receiving a couple off errors from eth0...
>--------8< * Cut Here -------------------
>eth0 mismatch read page points 4c vs 4d
>--------8< * Cut Here -------------------
Yes I do, and had the same problem with an NE2000 card until on
1.3.15 but the 8390 driver with 1.3.97 seems to have fixed this, but
strangely enough the 3C509 driver I was using seems to have broke in this
version, also if I try a ps -u I get a "Floating point exeption" that i've
never seen before.

Other strange happennings are that I can only compile as a 386
machine as the kernel seems to think I have a 386 (perhaps theres a kludge
for my bios) and if I modify bugs.h to allow a 486 or 586 compiled kernel
run on my 586 it crashes as soon as the "AHA1540-2" and associated nits
have finished I get an unknown opcode 0000.

--Have a Nice Day, Ian