Re: Linux logo

Alan Clucas (
Mon, 6 May 1996 17:43:29 +0100

On 5 May 1996, Thomas Quinot wrote:

> Tyson D Sawyer ( =E9crit :
> > > hmm. i don't think FreeBSD is the "adversary" here, but Windows =
> > > certainly is. how about a penguin smashing in a window or someth=
> > Sounds like a _much_ better idea to me!
> Indeed. It is to be noted that the BSD people already have a 'BSD dae=
> smashing window" logo... Perhaps someone endowed with drawing skills
> could prepare a "Daemon+Penguin joint attack" ?

This would be nice. Perhaps one of them could be riding a GNU?

Anyone who is running linux or BSD would probably have made a concious=20
choice between them, and we mainly want people to move away from the=20
Micro$oft stable, then particularly to Linux.