Re: 1.3.97

Simon Shapiro (
Mon, 06 May 1996 20:22:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Linus Torvalds; On 05-May-96 you wrote:

... [ Some wonderful propaganda removed ]

> Also, the AIC7xxx driver hs been updated to "patch2" status, and is much
> more stable for some people.

A [dis]Satisfied Customer Writes:

As a matter of fact it is so stable now that it goes nowhere. It initializes
and justs sits. As a maater of fact, you can even hang your machine with it:
just build it as a NON-module, attach ANY device to an AHA2940W and your machine
Will never boot past the devices scan: Perfectly stable. No more crashes, no
more busy programs and noisy disks!

[ some boring details in small letters: P5-100 on a Triton MB with 32MB RAM ]

> What would you pay for all this? $349.95? $34.95? 14.95? No, it's all
> COMPLETELY FREE (where permitted by state laws) and can be downloaded
> from a ftp site near you!
> Linus

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