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Liam Hudson (
Fri, 17 May 1996 09:01:35 GMT

>On May 7, 9:24am, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Linux logo
>> How 'bout a grinning (ccpenguin grin?) penguin with a globe in his
>> lap wrapped in his arms like a beach ball? Sort of an Opus with teeth
>> and the world in his arms?
>How about a penguin with the world on this back like the famous (DaVinci?)
>sculpture of Atlas?

I think the short sign "Cool It Works With Linux" displayed in the Linux Journal
a couple of weeks ago is best logo by far. If you want the Linux operating system to be taken
seriously, it probably best not to use a cute penguin. I know my boss (who could possibly
think about setting up a huge Linux intranet) would not be impressed.

If you have an eye catching little logo (see above) then poeple who see this on
there hardware/etc will may be interested to find out what it is all about!!

Having a logo deriding windows/FreeBSD etc.. is just a little sad, Linux is more
than that! Please try to think about logos that present the professional
viability of Linux

Keep Up The Good Work


P.S. Kind of a long thread, no?

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