MkLinux (PPC/Mach Linux)

root (
Tue, 21 May 1996 13:19:37 -0700 (PDT)

I know this is not the most appropriate place for this post...

Since I have not found not much support for the MkLinux setup even on
the Apple page and I have not received anything from the mklinux mailing
list, I thought a few helpful souls might assist me from this group.

I have install the MkLinux on a:

PowerMacintosh 6100/60AV
24M of RAM
256M Internal HD to keep native HFS (SCSI 0)
800M+ External HD partitioned as mentioned in the docs (SCSI 5)
Root-partion 4 (rootdev=/dev/sdf4 this is even according to the Mklinux
installer) terminated. (MacDirect HD)

Installation finishes successfully, and when I restart and get the
MkLinux/MacOS version of LILO, it stated that it is booting the system
from /dev/sdf4 but freezes.

I have tried installing with a combo root & usr partition and also with
seperate root & usr partitions. The actual installer does not recognize
the root partition as such, but allows me to install on it. I have tried
to use Sliverlining and SCSI PowerTools to do the A/UX partitioning.
After I partition successfully, the root partition cannot be recognized
by MkLinux Installer.

Thanks for any help,

Kenn Herman
Net/Web Admin
Woodring College of Education
Western Washington University