owner of httpd-child

Vincenzo Lagioia (lagioia@vm.csata.it)
Thu, 23 May 1996 10:27:08 +0000

Hi netters,
my apologies if this message is "off-topic".

I've got a problem with NCSA HTTPD 1.5 daemon (started and owned by root
at bootstrap), which triggers some children process which should be
owned by user "web", but what happens is that these children still
appear to be owned by root.
Is this due to my old kernel version (1.2.3 - Slackware 2.0) ?

Furthermore, should I have to upgrade the old kernel, which software
components (beside kernel sources) I have to download in order to?
What is the most reliable one of kernel releases?
Is there any risc to loose user data and particular sw
configuration (named, smtp, etc)?

Best regards.
Enzo Lagioia
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