text-mode console blanking leaves some characters behind

Austin Donnelly (and1000@cam.ac.uk)
Thu, 23 May 96 23:11 BST


I'm running 1.99.4 (i486), with a #9 GXE S3-based graphics card. I run
my console in 80x50 mode (vga=extended).

When the text mode screen blanker kicks in after 15mins or whatever,
my screen goes mostly blank. But roughly 10-20 isolated characters are
left onscreen. Hitting any key unblanks correctly, so there is no real
loss of functionality (other than not having a completely blank
screen). The characters orphaned are the right characters in the
right place. They seem evenly distributed over the entire screen.

The good news is that this is fairly reproduceable - it happens quite

It would be nice to see this fixed before 2.0 ships for real. I do
acknowledge that my graphics card is a little strange (I have problems
with it wrapping by 4 pixels under X), but it should still be doing a
standard VGA text mode emulaton.

Anyone got:

a) suggestions for causes
b) tips on which bits of the source to read