Re: NFS mounted mail from Solaris2.5 fails

really (
24 May 1996 16:11:20 +0400

Christian =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F6nsson?= FOA 72 (chj@lin.foa.SE) wrote:

: I'm not familiar with what this means exatly, but anyway, the result is=
: that the /var/mail directory has the ``sticky bit'' set for others, I =
: think:

: drwxrwxrwt 3 root mail 1024 May 23 19:08 /var/mail=20

: The problem is that I can't read my mail and I know that it has somethi=
: ng to do with file locking. But I'm not that good on *nix that I know w=
: hat to do. And yes, I've tried to get the ``system manager'' of the Sol=
: aris box to turn it off. No go.

"sticky bit" has nothing to do with locking (it means that directory
is readble/writable for anybody, but you can delete only your own files,
this setup is usual for /tmp)

DO NOT TRY (!!!) to read mail via NFS from linux box,
linux has NO locking and your mailbox will be shred
by incoming mail.

I repeat: DO NOT TRY.

Alexey Kuznetsov.