Re: [modules] modprobe 1.3.69k broken with options keyword

Graham Mitchell (
Sun, 26 May 1996 13:01:32 +0000

On 25 May 96 at 19:42, Bjorn Ekwall wrote:


> So, the option line in /etc/conf.modules should look like this instead:
> options sbpcd sbpcd=0x230,0

That was the first thing I tried.... (see, i DO use the source Luke,
er Bjorn....:)) However, when I try

insmod sbpcd sbpcd=0x230,0

May 26 12:58:46 woodlea insmod: Initialization of sbpcd failed
May 26 12:59:17 woodlea linux: sbpcd-0 [01]: sbpcd.c v4.3 Eberhard
Moenkeberg <> May 26 12:59:18 woodlea linux: sbpcd-0
[02]: No drive found.

So it doesnt initialise AT ALL. Trying the otherway, which the source
says doesnt work, seems to work fine. Looks like a problem with the
sbpcd source then......?


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