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Sun, 26 May 1996 16:42:21 GMT +2

Anno Domini 25 May 96 at 8:08, William E. Roadcap wrote:

> And why do you think those user apps where written for those OSs.
> Because they fit the "users'" desktop....
What 'desktop' ? I woudnt call Apple II a desktop of any kind. The
reason why Apple II was a HUGE success was because of VisiCalc
spreadsheet program. Later there were other stuff but Visicalc was
'the killer ap'. Actually people went to computer stores and said 'I
want to buy one of those spreadsheet computers'. This is a REAL
killer ap.
Same thing for the IBM in 1981. The killer ap was Lotus 1- 2- 3.

If you wanna make Linux a _real_ succees you need to find a similar
'killer ap'.


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