Re: CMD640B secondary interface

mlord (
Thu, 30 May 1996 18:38:46 -0400

Amitay B Isaacs wrote:
> | Is it true that you cant connect a single CD-ROM as slave on the
> | secondary port of a CMD640B? It works with DOS (if that means
> | anything), but even won't with "hdd=cdrom". You'll get unexpected
> | interrupts with status=0xff.
> |
> If you check the code in cmd640.c in drivers/block, there is a routine
> which checks for the secondary port secondary_port_responding(). Apparently
> that routine returns 0xff inspite of device being present on the secondary
> IDE interface.

I'll fix this for the next update. I'm also still looking for
more folks who have seen the "Hmmm.. probably a driver problem" message.

(the Linux IDE guy)