Linux Quake on 2.0.0? Yes indeedy! 8-)

Mark Orr (
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 05:26:34 -0500

On Mon, 8 Jul 1996 wrote:
|> Anybody able to get the Linux version of Quake 0.91 to work on
|> Linux 2.0.4 with the new libc? I get a core dump right after all
|> the various startup messages have scrolled past.
|There is no Quake 0.91 binary for Linux, as far as I know. Try running
|test version of Quake ( and using the linux_qtest1a.tgz
|executables. Works fine if you have a recent XF86 server and libs.

Yes, there's a linux shareware quake:

now, let us never speak of it again.. :-)


Seriously, I can get linux quake "0.91" (in the game it says it's 0.92) to run without problems. Unfortunately, it refuses to run for me in Kernels 2.0.1 - 2.0.4 -- and I've tried them all. No doubt this is because of the "new and improved" USSlite :-)

When trying to run it on 2.0.1+ opens a window, begins unpacking the PAK file, then shuts down with "floating point exception"

It runs great in 2.0.0 -- well, the sounds are choppy, due to the fact that it mixes the samples at too high a sampling rate: 44 KHz, much higher than the DOS version does, and sucking up too much CPU power. Fortunately this can all be corrected with environment variables:

QUAKE_SOUND_SAMPLEBITS = <8 or 16, i suppose> QUAKE_SOUND_SPEED = <11000, 22050 are good values> QUAKE_SOUND_CHANNELS = <1 or 2, i guess>

System info: P5-100 Neptune II ; 16 Mb ; kernel 2.0.0 ; libc 5.4.2 ; Xfree86 3.1.2E ; 1.8.1 ; fvwm 2.0.42 -- I guess that's all that's remotely relevant.

Mark Orr