Sanyo 3-CD changer update!

B. Galliart (
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 15:29:44 -0500 (CDT)

There is a minor bug in the Sanyo 3-CD changer patch. The patch defaults
to using the standard ATAPI changer support if it does not detect a Sanyo
3-CD changer. Between revisions of the firmware for the drive, Sanyo had
changed the model string which is used by the driver for detecting the
drive. Drives manufactored approx a year ago gave a model type of
"CD-ROM CDR-C3 G" where as drives manufactored more recently are reported
to be "CD-ROM CDR-C3G" The missing space is enough to break the patch
for users with this newer firmware revision.

Anyone who owns a Sanyo 3-CD changer and is unable to get it to work with
Linux 2.0.4 should check the following URL for information on getting the
drive working:

Problems/flames/horror stories and esp. success stories regarding the
Linux Sanyo 3-CD changer support should be emailed to:

Special thanks to Steffen Kremser for pointing out the problem and how to
resolve it!